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JSLH Research Highlights

JGU’s faculty members and students undertake research through its schools, research centres, and institutes. Research is funded through external or internal grants, or are self-funded. To date, our researchers have undertaken projects with public, private and non-profit organizations based in India and across the globe on issues ranging from public policy, urban planning, and intellectual property rights to energy security, agrarian policy, and civil society. A selection of these research projects, both completed and ongoing, is described below to highlight our domain areas of experience and expertise.

  • JSLH Curricular Engagement with Project Hope

    The 2014 student batch of JSLH has engaged with Project Hope as part of the school’s commitment to service learning.

  • Ethnography of the Anganwadi - The JSLH Interdisciplinary Class

    JSLH places a heavy emphasis on field studies. Working with local communities is one of the prime objectives in many of the courses in the school curricula.

  • Cosmopolitan Belongings: The Chinese Community in Calcutta

    This book project studies the presence of the diasporic Chinese community within the urban contexts of Calcutta. It weaves through ideas of ‘diaspori(city)’ that include narratives of diasporic existence in everyday lived urban spaces.

  • Organic Farming and Environmental Sustainability

    This JGU-funded initiative began in October 2015 with the goal of achieving environmental sustainability over the long term in the JGU campus.

  • Go Green

    The “Go Green” initiative is aimed at making the JGU campus green by planting different species of trees around the campus to promote biodiversity and ecological balance. Under this project the campus has been mapped under different areas for various plant species.

  • Invisible People: The Lives of Asian Workers in the Gulf

    This book project will be a work of narrative nonfiction on the lives of Indian workers in the Persian Gulf. It will examine the factors behind Indian migration to the region and its multi-layered impact on individuals, families, communities and societies.